About Peter’s ‘Little’ Secret.

Hi there! My name is Peter Rabbit.

Peter and Wilbur


On one hand I’m just an average Joe. I have a cool job which I really enjoy, some cool hobbies which keep me happy (when I can be bothered to pursue them) and a girlfriend whom I could not live without. My favourite things are:

1) That feeling in the morning when the coffee has brewed and is ready to drink.

2) When I get home after buying a new record. Headphones on. Mind off. Bliss.

3)  Taking a deep breath of ice cold air while walking in the country side.

4) Film nights with a takeaway Pizzaaaa.

5) Taking really long baths (Bubbles. Candles. Music. The works.)

On the other hand, I’m a 2 & 1/2 year old little boy. I still need to wear nappies and couldn’t do without my dummy. I love to draw, build things with lego and watch Disney films! I love bath time and nothing beats being changed into a dry nappy and a onesie afterwards. I have a Mummy who takes care of me and a best friend called Wilbur (my Teddy Bear). I love it when mummy feeds me a bottle and rocks me to sleep.

That last bit may seem a bit strange (“a bit?!” you might say), but it’s not so strange.. everybody has their thing, and this is my thing. Over the years (from as early as 6 years old) I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I have a ‘little’ side. But for the longest time I completely rejected this and tried my best to ignore it and push it completely out of my life because I was afraid of being rejected, ridiculed, laughed at and being alone. I just wanted to be ‘normal’. But you probably already know that this is something which doesn’t go away and should be faced with open arms! I started this blog because I wanted a place to write about my journey towards fully accepting myself for who & what I really am at heart – An Adult Baby.

It’s been a very long and difficult road to self acceptance which I’m still wondering down and it’s recently got to the point where I’ve now confessed my deepest secret to my girlfriend (Biggest fear for a lot of little’s). Luckily however, she’s decided to hold my hand and join me on the road so we are now working through this together as a couple. But its not been easy or something we’ve been able to jump right into, it’s taking us time, communication and sometimes it gets hard! So I plan to write about that as well as the hard times I’ve faced alone over the years.

Hopefully this will be something that some readers can identify with and take something positive from. Perhaps this blog could even be enjoyed by partners of ABs who want to support their loved one.

 I hope you enjoy reading about my thoughts and experiences and that in some way it helps you on your journey too. Let me know if you do, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

 Peter Rabbit x

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