ASMR for AB/DL’s

Howdy! Hope you’re good? I’m not going to apologise for the length of time it’s taken me to write a post this time. I’m starting to accept that it just take ages to motivate myself. I don’t have a huge amount of followers and I’m not sure how often people (who don’t have WordPress) actually visit me here, so I’m fairly content with the rate at which I post. However, if I were to suddenly get flooded with comments/likes and emails telling me “Peter, you are the Hemingway of AB/DL bloggers” then I’ll probably start writing a little more regularly 😉 haha.

AAAAAAaaaanyway… I’ve had serious writers block recently, probably due to the fact that I’ve not been having much little time (as you may have read in my past couple of posts) because sadly I’ve just not been feeling very babyish. But I feel that things are taking a turn for the better because I’ve started feeling little again recently and have been having some little time when I get the chance.

I’ve purchased some cases of nappies that I’ve never worn before (ABU Cushies and SDK’s) and love them! Out of all the nappies I’ve tried, I have to say that nothing beat’s an ABU nappy. I’ve also just purchased a case of  LittlePawz which I’m really looking forward to trying on, they look unbelievably cute so I’m sure I’ll love them.  (If you live in the UK and want to get hold of an ABU nappy but don’t want to pay seriously high shipping costs, you can get them at Nappiesrus for much cheaper/faster shipping)

Moving swiftly along…

I’d like to talk about something I’ve become fairly obsessed with over the past few months: ASMR. Maybe you’ve heard of it? or maybe not? This is something I was introduced to a couple of years ago by a friend who swore by it at the time. After he explained it to me I didn’t really think about it again for a few months because quite honestly, I didn’t really know what the hell he was talking about. But a few months later I stumbled across an ASMR video on youtube and was immediately hooked.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read about ‘ASMR’ here or watch a short video on it here. It’s basically recorded binaural sounds which give you very relaxing brain tingles due to the intensity of the sounds which are recorded. Example: Did you ever watch Joy of Painting  and ask yourself “Why do I love this show so much?”, if so then the answer was probably because Bob Ross is the most relaxing man in the universe and he may have even given you slight ASMR tingles… (Okay perhaps that’s a bad example :/) )

Anyhow, as I’ve previously talked about, I’ve found it difficult feeling little recently and this has party been due to the amount I’ve been working and my awkward shift patterns. My job is fast paced and usually pretty stressful. I work long hours and usually get home pretty late and when I *do* get home, my head is spinning, I’m tired, dirty and probably have a mild headache. This is typical of my job so it’s important to relax, unwind, vent if I need to and mentally prepare myself for the next day.

If I’ve been at work for 13+ hours, I tend to find it quite difficult to get into my little space when I get home so for this reason I won’t usually have any little time on a ‘school night’. I’m also just not in the mood because I like to catch up with my girlfriend and talk about our day.

Having said that, when I get home I do also try to unwind as quickly as possible so I can get to sleep easier, I really dislike like going to bed with thoughts of the day running through my head so I may take a bath, drink a beer, listen to a record, or just sit in silence and get my ‘thinking’ out of the way.

What I really enjoy though, is once I get into bed, listening to an ASMR video. I find them incredibly relaxing and usually I’ll drift off straight away. It’s also been really good in getting me into my little head space..

You get all sorts of ASMR videos because everybody have different triggers. Some videos focus on one word being repeated over and over again, others are just tapping sounds, and some are a combination. You even see various role play videos which are equally relaxing. The concept may sound a bit unusual and even a little strange at first but I’d highly recommend giving ASMR a try if you like to relax. If you’re a regular reader of my blog then I’m sure you must be an open minded person! haha

Lately I’ve stumbled across ASMR “Mother” role play videos which are twice as effective in helping me relax and luckily it’s a big “tingle trigger” for me. I was reading on a while ago that some AB/DL’s like to fall asleep listening to recordings of bedtime stories or lullabies. Not surprisingly, you can find ASMR videos which contain this. I really enjoy watching an ASMR video like this because not only do I find it very relaxing, It also helps me feel little, so sometimes I like to suck on my dummy and fall asleep feeling little as well as incredibly relaxed.

I feel as though a lot of AB/DL’s probably have a heightened sense of sound/smell/touch because we tend to love things like the crinkle sound a nappy makes, or the lovely smell of talcum power, or the feel of a plushy etc. So I’m sure any AB/DL’s reading this will appreciate these videos for that reason alone. However, not everybody feels the ASMR “tingles” so I suppose that if you’re an AB/DL who doesn’t have a mummy or a daddy then this may also be good to watch just when you want some little time.

NOTE: Headphones strongly recommended!

Thanks for reading,

Little peter rabbit x