Nursery times.

Hey there little ones. Glad to be back!

Adult life has completely taken over for the past few months so my blog posts have been none existent. I’ll try not to talk *too* much about my adult life (because who goes to an AB/DL blog to read about that??) but there hasn’t been a great deal going on in my world as a little due to the grown up stuff..

Remember how I mentioned in a previous post that we’ve been working on moving house? Well that’s been the thing that’s consumed most of our time at the moment which means there hasn’t been much little time. But that’s OK because the good news is we’ve bought a lovely house in the countryside! It’s just what we’ve been looking for and we’re in the process of all the boring grown up stuff. If all goes to plan, which typically it doesn’t, we’ll be able to move in this summer!! Wooo!! It’s a lovely little cottage with a cosy feel to it (perfect for snuggling up), a huge garden to play in, and best of’s right in the countryside so there’ll hopefully be lots of outings with Mummy.

It’s got everything we were looking for in a house.. well, almost. There’s just one thing which it doesn’t have. Something I really wanted which I never told Mummy.. Something every AB/DL dreams of having… A nursery!!!


(image taken from google)

Well… of course it doesn’t have a nursery.. Maybe about 0.000001% of all houses in England have an *adult* nursery. But what I actually mean is that: I would have loved an extra room with potential to be transformed into a nursery space/play room. That was something which I never really discussed with my girlfriend when we were looking for a house… after all, it seems like a pretty stupid thing to consider when buying a house: “Yup, this is perfect… there’s a bit of a deal breaker though”. Part of me wanted to bring it up, but my logical adult side prevented me from doing so.. If I’m honest, I just didn’t want my girlfriend to think that I’m getting too obsessed with this whole AB/DL thing. She’s been so supportive over the past few years and has taken a genuine interest in incorporating a Mummy/baby aspect into our relationship.. all because she loves me. And now we’re buying a house together I’ve been thinking about us as a couple and not as a mother/child (duh!)

I suppose it’s an idea which I have always have a divided opinion on. On one hand, a nursery would be an absolute dream come true. It would be a place I could go to be myself and say goodbye to the world for a short while. But on the other hand, it pains me to say that it may be something that could potentially just ‘get in the way’. What I mean by that is, it would kind of be like a painter saying “I love painting so Im going to turn my living room into an art studio”.. sure some painters would do that. But I’m sure the majority would prefer more to have a living room and just get their paints out from time to time (I understand that was a crap analogy, but you get my way of thinking)

When we were originally house hunting I’d had it in the back of my mind that I’d love to have a nursery. I’ve always dreamt of turning a spare room into a little space complete with crib/changing table/play pen etc, this is something pretty much all Little’s dream of isn’t it? But it would be pretty difficult to have that in this house, which has disheartened me somewhat. And then again I’m sure it would be a difficult thing to do in any house when you bring other things into it. There’s a couple of examples that come to mind…

Having visitors over

Friend/family: Can I have a tour of your house?
Me: “Sure, there’s just one room you can’t go into”
Friend/family: “Why ever not?”
Me: *explodes*

(I think that scenario speaks for itself)

Conflict of interest

As I said earlier, my girlfriend has been extremely supportive over the past couple of years, and I think it would be unfair to buy a house together and insist on turning the one spare room we have into a nursery. Keep in mind that a nursery is something I want, but not something that we both need.. and lets face fact, if it wasn’t for my needs/interests, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have developed an interest in being an AB Mummy all by herself.. let alone turning parts of her house into a room that would accommodate that. Don’t get me wrong, I know that she enjoys out Mummy/baby dynamic, but I’m sure she’s not *that* into it.

In addition to this, we do both have other hobbies, real hobbies such as arts/crafts/music etc, and to compromise a place to do all that I think would be a bit of a no no.


Lets just say for arguments sake, that my girlfriend said “Hey, I think it’d be awesome if we had a nursery space” (wow, it felt good just typing that). Would it really work? Absolutely.. well for some full immersion AB/DLs… But for some, it might just not be practical. I’m thinking of things like time, cost & effort weighed up against things such as the amount it would get used, the space it would take up, what else the room could be used for etc.

But having said all that, I can’t help but be a big kid about the whole thing and just think “I don’t care, I want a nurseryyyy!!” haha :p. Go figure. I’ve hinted at the idea of buying/building a highchair, maybe we’ll start with that 🙂



Bye for now 🙂

Little Peter.