My first accident.

Hello fellow little ones.

So recently, I had a wittle bit of an accident. Not the “Sh*t, I’ve dropped the ketchup bottle and it’s exploded everywhere” type of accident. It was the other kind of accident. Yup, I kind of wet myself.

Now, if you read this blog because you’re a an Adult Baby/Diaper Lover/Age Player etc then you might be thinking “Yeah..’Accident’ Suuure”. However, I don’t enjoy wetting myself outside of an age play context and I don’t get turned on by urinating or water sports. So this wasn’t really a fun kind of wetting experience for me. I wasn’t participating in age play at the time, nor was I feeling particularly little so I tried my hardest to prevent this.

Anyway, here’s the story..

I spent last weekend in a neighbouring city with some friends for a ‘reunion’ type affair. There were about 5 of us in total, the majority of whom are pretty masculine. The weekend mainly consisted of mass alcohol consumption and general catching up…Nothing that interesting to anybody else, but it was a fun weekend! It was a pretty testosterone fuelled few days, so it’s fair to say my little was pushed waaayyy to the back of my mind. In fact, I hadn’t thought of my little all weekend, which is pretty rare for me as its unusual for a day to go by when I don’t think about him…

Anyway, the weekend came and went pretty quickly (probably due to the alcohol). We were all a bit hungover on the morning we left, so to combat the hangover I drank lots of water and coffee (you already know where this is going). When it came to the time to leave, we said our goodbyes and discussed the possibility of doing it again sometime in the future. I used the toilet and got in my car to leave. But just as I was about to turn the key, I figured I’d take one last gulp of water from my bottle because it seemed  impossible to keep my mouth moist. I was so dehydrated!. I ended up drinking about 1/2 of the litre bottle before setting off on my two hour drive back home.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that the weather was awful. Strong wind, heavy rain and absolutely freezing. So I wanted to get this journey over with as soon as possible. I drove out of the city and on to a bigger road, and then I eventually got on to the motorway. But it was right at the point of getting on to the motorway that I realised I had to go to the bathroom.

I immediately thought to myself “Why did you drink all that water so fast you big dumb ape?!”. But I didn’t dwell on it, I just pressed on and tried to ignore the urge to pee… But the longer I drove, the stronger the urge got. I’d only been driving for roughly 30 minutes and I was getting to need the toilet quite badly. I saw numerous service station signs, but the idea of getting out in the freezing cold rain didn’t seem all that fun. I told myself “No, you can make it”, and seeing as I wasn’t at the point where I was doing my body any serious damage… I figured what the hell, I’d hold it rather than pull over.

About 45  minutes passed when I thought to myself “I can’t make it much longer, I’m gonna need to stop somewhere”. So I looked for the next service station sign which said something like ’15 miles’. That was less than 10 minutes away! I was gonna make it after all!

But then I looked at my SatNav…

It said that in 5 or 6 miles, I’d be leaving the motorway… So I’d missed my last chance to use a roadside toilet.. NoooooOOOooooOOooo….ooo.

I actually started to get a little nervous and question what I was gonna do. I was becoming very desperate. Hindsight was a real bitch too.

(Why didn’t I just pull over and find a bush you might ask? Well I’m not the sort of person who gets out of their car and pees on the side of the road. Sorry, but thats not me. Ain’t happenin’. So don’t suggest I should have done it.)

10 minutes passed…. 20 minutes passed……30 minutes passed. No public toilet. I’d reached the danger zone now. My bladder was ready to burst and I started getting a pain. Even if I did see a public toilet, I felt like I’d have pee’d myself only from standing up… But I’d been driving for so long, I realised I was getting pretty close to home, so it looked like I may actually be able to hold it for another 15 minutes if I stayed focused. I Thought to myself “When I get home I’m gonna have the biggest pee-gasm in the history of mankind”. Woohoo.

Then I got into the city and hit traffic. Shhhhhhhhhiiii-

I sat in traffic for just over 5 minutes and it felt like an eternity. When I eventually started moving, I made another error in judgement… I took a wrong turn. Normally I couldn’t care less about taking wrong turns, but considering the circumstances, I turned white..

I wasn’t gonna make it. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I started to feel myself leak and with that.. I let go. I could feel my crotch getting warm and moist. I was genuinely embarrassed. I was in the car on my own and I could feel myself turning red, that’s how real this ‘accident’ was. But jeez did it feel good.

I emptied about 1/3 of my bladder before realised if I didn’t hold some of it in, I was gonna ruin the car seat, so I held the rest of it in, which was as easy as pie after that 120 minute ordeal.

I spent the rest of the drive home thinking about it from my girlfriends PoV. Urine grosses her out, she doesn’t really like it when I wet my nappy, so what was she going to think when I turn up after being away for the weekend with wet trousers?

Honestly, I would have loved it if she said something to the effect of “You see what happens when I let you out of nappies Peter? Come here and lets get you changed”. That way I could have fooled us both into thinking that I done it on purpose to initiate some Little time together. But that wasn’t the case. We hadn’t seen each other all weekend so weren’t about to jump right into Parent/little time. I was also hungover.

When I got home, I walked through the door sheepishly, called her name, and before she could say anything beyond “Welcome home!” I said “I had an accident on the way home”. Her expression dropped.

She was pretty unphased by the whole thing and was even cool about it. But I’m positive that after I’d explained what the accident was, she was a little embarrassed and didn’t really know *how* to react. Can’t say I blame her on that one haha. She just smiled and said “Heh, do you need to go upstairs?”.

“Yes, I do” I said, red faced and holding my jumper in front of my soaked crotch to try and hide it. I went upstairs and, after having the most satisfying piss of my life, got cleaned up.

Needless to say I spent that evening snuggled up to Mummy in an extra thick nappy.







3 thoughts on “My first accident.

  1. I feel the same way. Wetting myself in an adult context is quite embarrassing and I would never want to wet myself in public just for the thrill of it (without Daddy). Although, when it does happen, I do tell Daddy about it and he does say things to me along the lines of ABDL/Ageplay.. 🙂

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