The Perfect Day.

I’ve had a little writers block recently. Mainly due to the fact that both Mummy and Me have had things on and we’ve not had so much time for play dates. So with that in mind,  I decided to write a fun post today. Recently Mummy asked me what my perfect day would be so I decided to share it on here!

In the morning Mummy wakes me up softly by stroking my hair and giving me my dummy to suck on, she tells me that we’re going to have a very special day together. Just her and me, how exciting! She tells me that I don’t have to worry because she is going to take care of me the whole day and if I’m a good little boy then I’ll get lots of treats! Woo! baby_crib_cute_pets

How super awesome it would be to get to have my very own special crib? A boy can dream..

She has a bottle of juice with her which she feeds me before giving me a bath. I have some great bath toys which I got for my birthday so I can’t wait to play with them! She sits and talks with me while I play in the bath and get cleaned up! After bath time it’s into a fresh nappy and my favourite blue onesie! We go downstairs and mummy feeds me some breakfast and we play the airplane game (fun!). My favourite breakfast is weetos or ricicles… Argh! I never know which to have! (Maybe I’d have both together with chocolate milkshake on top and ice-cream with chocolate sauce…. and squirty cream…. She did say if I’m good I get treats…) Anyway, whatever Mummy decides I get is fine by me! images After breakfast Mummy leaves me to play with my colouring books and SpongeBob while she does boring grown up stuff (I love colouring in pictures for her!) After lots of fun drawing she says its time for some air and we get ready for a walk in the park! She gets me changed into a clean nappy if I need it and my booring big boy going out clothes with my onesie on underneath of course 😉

Off for a lovely stroll we go! (It’s times like these I really wish I had some reigns – Pleeaaase Mummy?). I love the park behind our house, it’s so peaceful and beautiful (I’m positive its where the teddy bears had their picnic!) Mummy points out all the trees and teaches me some things about nature which I didn’t know. So wise is Mummy! After our lovely walk in the park together she says since I’ve been such a good boy she’s going to take me to town for lunch and maybe we can have a trip to the disney shop or  toysRus! Argghhh! 😀 😀 😀 Building-blocks We get some lunch (and I get a gift If I’m lucky) we head back home for a much needed rest! Perhaps I start feeling big again and tell Mummy I’ve had enough little time. But she says that being a big boy isn’t an option today, and that I’m her baby boy whether I like it or not. I try to protest, but she won’t hear another word of it and I go over her lap for a spanking. Mean Mummy! She reassures me that she doesn’t like spanking me but it’s for my own good & that I need to know that she’s in charge and that I’ll always be her baby boy… Oh well, Mummy knows best…(I love it when she show’s her stern side) After my spanking, Mummy decides I need to be put down for a nap. She feeds me a bottle of warm milk and sings me to sleep with Wilbur by my side and my dummy in my mouth. She comes in regularly to check on me and catches up on the things she needs to do…


*Yawn* Wow I needed that… I love a good nap! Next on the cards is yet another lovely nappy change and into some extra babyish clothes I go (maybe 2 nappies for extra waddle hehe). Its time for a snack and a movie! the funnest part of the day! My top films are: Toy Story, The Jungle Book, Pinnochio and The Winnie the Pooh Movie (I wish me and Wilbur could stay up all night and watch all of them!)

Note: I love the part in the Jungle Book when Carr tries to hypnotise Bagheera. So funny!tumblr_mlp8cq2OpC1r0y8j6o1_500

The film ends and it’s time for tea! I get to sit up at the table like a grown-up and Mummy puts on my favourite bib. I wonder what would be for tea… I’d wish for my favourite which is smiley faces, fish fingers and alphabet spaghetti along with some apple juice in a sippy cup! My favourite thing is when she cuts up my food for me and lets me eat with my hands! Though I do make a rather big mess…


This is why I neeeed a highchair. I’d love one 😀

Being a Mummy seems like a lot of hard work! Mummy has been so good to me that she deserves a rest. She puts out my toys on my play mat and gives me a bottle incase I get thirsty and she has some time to herself. I have so much fun playing with all my toys! I could do it forever, and Wilbur is the best play mate!

I named my teddy Wilbur because of my favourite Goofy cartoon:

It’s getting late now and mummy says it’s time for me to bed! It’s 9pm and I’ve already stayed up longer than I should have. I beg her to let me stay up with her… But Mummy has the final say. It’s bed time for Little Peter Rabbit. She gets me a bottle of warm milk and changes me into a night time nappy and my PJ’s. We read a story together and I have my warm milk. Me and Wilbur drift off into a restless sleep and mummy puts my dummy in my mouth. I dream of nice things like always being mummies little boy for her to take care of and love unconditionally. In my dreams we’re the only two people on the planet and we’d never be apart and there’d be no sadness or worry because every day would be like today.

Ahhhh that was fun to write 😀



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