Say Hello to Wilbur!

He’s my new best friend.

IMG_20150709_232221He is also one of the reasons why my mummy is the best mummy in the entire world. Because she MADE HIM for me with her own two hands! How awesome is that? Mummy is SO talented and can do anything with a needle and thread. Wilbur stays with me most of the time when I’m at home and we look after each other when mummy isn’t around.

Being the youngest in my family I never really enjoyed teddy bears when I was little. I thought they were silly and childish. I think I liked to feel bigger than I actually was so that I could fit in with the rest of the family… I even have a few memories of being made fun of by my family for liking things that were too babyish for me or not masculine enough! So I naturally grew to dislike silly things like teddy bears and other kid stuff!

But now I’m bigger and Wilbur has came along, he seems to have filled the gap that I made for myself when I was little. A gap I wasnt even aware of! I never thought a teddy bear would make me feel so happy and safe (especially seeing as I never liked them!) but he does and I love him and I never want to be without him! I love Mummy even more for making him for me. I sometimes find it hard to express to Mummy how much I appreciate everything she does for me and how happy she makes me, but I think now that she sees me with Wilbur she can tell all this.

But she didnt stop at Wilbur! She also made me a brand new bib so I dont make a mess.. I already have a great blue bib with patterns which I always love to wear at dinner time… but this has taken dinner time to a whole new fun level!

IMG_20150709_231949Cute eh?

A big hurdle for me after “coming out” to my relatively vanilla girlfriend has been accepting that she really doesnt think me being an Adult Baby is that much of a big deal and that she fully accepts me no matter what. Even though she’s reassured me that she’s fine with it, from time to time it can still be difficult for me discussing it with her and even accepting that she’s being genuine. I know, I know! that says a lot my trust issues and maybe I’m not being fair, but its fairly new to me too and I’m experiencing new feelings and emotions just as she is. So kill me for finding it hard to think somebody else accepts me when I barely do myself… sheeEEEEEeesh.

BUUUT! the things mummy has made for me and the presents she has recently bought me have been a huge milestone. It hasn’t only put the biggest smile in the world on my face and made play time a million times more funner!… but its also been a symbol of how much she cares for me as her little one. I’ve started to truely accept that she’s not just humouring me or going along with this “Adult Baby” thing which *fingers crossed* might just be a phase. She’s made a concious effort to combine her own creative talents and expression with my wants/needs which has made us bond in a whole new way, not just as a parent/little, but as adult/adult. I feel that this is something that a true Mummy would do for her Little one, and my mummy has done it!. Thats just AWESOME to me. Thank you Mummy! XXXXXXXXXXX

I really hope she decides to make me more presents in the future! but I’m a greedy boy! I’ve decided I’m going to draw her a picture to say thank you! Any suggestions what I could draw?

Nighty night x


3 thoughts on “Milestone.

  1. This makes me so very happy. To see someone love someone for exactly who they are!!!!! And to make them some cuddlies is just about the best ‘love you’ once could get. ❤

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